Sunday, 16 November 2014

Balance of the Self

One of the most important parts of working spiritually in this world, is learning to work in balance. We are human and we need to exist in a human world with all the human lessons, traits and learning's that we can grasp. Take each learning as a precious gift, as it is from this gift, this opportunity, this challenge, that we will grow, as we have learnt something new. We may not have wanted to learn it, we may have fought tooth and nail to avoid,  but eventually, we will be guided to do what is right for us. Yes, we need to co-exist with others in this world- friends, loved ones, partners, husband, wives but we need to make sure that when we do have these relationships with people, that the relationships bring us joy. We need to have more joyous moments, than sad ones and we need the people in our lives to always work towards our highest good and to boost us. If we don't have this happiness in their company, if things become guarded, beyond words and difficult to bear, it it time for change.
The only way we can then move forwards is to move closer to ourselves, to our core values, wants and needs. When we can understand who we are and what we want we can then make decisions for our lives. No one can make decisions for you. People can show you choices, advise you, but they cannot choose- you have this free will and will always have the power of choice. Choose wisely. Listen to your gut instinct. It will not fail you. Learn to trust in you and the universe will open up so much more to help you in this life, on this life's mission.

On the spiritual side, you then need to understand your connection to the universe and how you fit in. Some may never know what their life purpose is, others know from childhood. Everyone is different and everyone has a different, unique lesson to learn and route to follow. You will grow apart from people on this journey, as some are only in our lives to help us, then it is time, once we have learnt that part of our journey, understood what they have been here for, to move forwards, without them.

The balance I mentioned is so very important as it will help to keep your spiritual side and your human side in the right energy and harmony. If you move too much on the human, material side, you lose your spiritual connection and often, if you move too much on the spiritual side, your human body battles to keep up with your spiritual side (which is always ahead) and this is where you will be slowed down physically, compelling you to recharge and to allow your energy to shift.

These past several weeks, I have had to step back from the spiritual side as there has been too much happening on the human side and I needed the time for me to heal. During these weeks, I have learnt a great deal more about myself and who I am. My body has caught up from a number of illnesses and I have moved into a new state of being. It has been a time for me to understand so much more about the people in my life and around me and to truly trust my gut more on who I would like to continue my journey with. I had to stop to recharge and now I am feeling better and stronger for it. I am trusting my feelings more and really appreciating the gift that trust is.

Take care of yourself, find out who you are and what you want from this life. Find the people that can help you and move away from those who hinder your development, your happiness and feelings of self. Life is a journey and it needs to be a journey that fully involves you. When you decide that you are in the very best place you need to be, that is true happiness. That best place needs to start from within. Take the time to bring in balance, happiness will follow.
Chakra Balancing Pendant

Love and light


Sunday, 2 February 2014

The start of the new Ascension, firstly starts within you.

We are all a work in progress.  I don't believe that anyone is in exactly the right place where they don't need any help, guidance or learning, as life is about constantly learning, growing and ascending. It is also about changing the behaviours we have collected from our past; be that from relationships, childhood, situations or even past lives.
I am going through a huge healing and learning phase this year.  My diet has drastically changed and where I would have wanted to cheat and have the things I know I shouldn't, in the past, I am seeing this food change as a lifestyle change and I am fully embracing it. I know that the timing is right and I knew this day would come. I also know that my diet will change further in time, when needed. It has really raised my spiritual energy, helped with my gut instinct and has shown me what I have really been doing in my work and what I still need to do.  I understand what my current spiritual role is and I fully embrace it.  I am learning so much about myself and how to heal from my childhood, how to move into my light.  The start of the ascension process begins within each and every one of us. No matter what stage we are at in our development, we will all form a part of it and it needs to start within each and every one of us.

The ascension process is here right now. We are all being moved up onto the next plain as we shift our focus away from material needs and more into living needs, bringing in true balance and harmony to our mind, body and spirit. We are being given the tools to make that journey and that connection to our souls, as we have so much work still to do. That work requires our listening skills. We need to listen to our bodies, to our spirit, to our guides, and our teachers. We need to tune into our souls so we can place ourselves on the right vibration for the shift. You don't need much for this journey, all you really need is faith, trust and a willingness to release your ego, a desire to let go and a dream to fulfil your life purpose with as much passion and vigour as you can muster.  This takes work but it is all possible.  It is all within our grasp to achieve and achieve it, we will. We have a power in belief and with that power, we can all move the mountains that stand in our way and forge the bonds that we need to carry us through.

Penny Alterskye

Love and light

Monday, 13 January 2014

Energy Shifts Affecting Many

Tonight I was given this message in response to someones question on facebook. I feel this needs to be shared...
There is a big shift going on around us that was building from November. There is still work to be done within many of us and the restless, overwhelming feelings are a culmination of a backlog of energy that has build over the last few months, even years. It is like a mini volcano- full of energy, yet difficult to harness as the timing is just not right yet, there is another new moon at the end of January that will help release some of the pressure within. In the meantime, understand that you are not alone. Stand strong and take this time to shift your focus and any past worries to where they need to be. Many still need to move past old learning's, old habits, but as we release them, so they fade into the background and we can walk forwards once more. Be kind to yourself, do not judge yourself and take the time to care for you. It is so important that this year we move to put ourselves back into the right place which is the forefront of our world so we can truly see who we are, how far we have come and where we are heading. Two shifts still ahead this year but each one brings us more into alignment, takes us out of fear, brings in renewed energy, synergy and a greater feeling of belonging than ever before. 

Fear not, Trust, and have Faith that good things await. 

Love and light,

Penny x

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Amethyst please

Here is one of my favourite crystals that has really helped me in a number of situations.
Amethyst is derived from the Greek word, amethyein, meaning "not drunk". Amethysts were worn by the Greeks to protect them against homesickness, magic, evil thoughts and drunkeness. It was also sacred to the Buddhist in Tibet and was used to make prayer beads. Leonardo Da Vinci quoted that "it could dissipate evil thoughts and quicken the intelligence. On a healing level, Amethyst is believed to raise the spirit, soothing us when we are frustrated, irritated and confused. It is said to be a natural tranquiliser, relieves stress, dispels anger, and alleviates sadness and grief. It has been noted to help with addictions to alcohol and food and is believed to reduce headaches, prevent insomnia and nightmares. It is said to have long been used to help with addictions and any kind of overindulging, to develop intuition and assist with psychic development.

Amethyst helps a person to calm down so that sleep can begin. Pop a piece under your pillow and notice how much better and longer you sleep. It can also be used to bring on intuitive dreams in more vivid colour.
Amethyst tumble stones
Love and light
Penny x

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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

We have a purpose

The past few weeks have been a culmination of energy and a drive for change among so many people.  Many have been questioning are they on the right path, should they be changing jobs, what should they be doing right now?  There is frustration, some boredom and some overwhelming emotions of restlessness.  There is also question and uncertainty in spiritual direction and a feeling of helplessness and being overpowered for some.  2013 was about preparation, of churning up all the energies that are not needed going forward.  This year brings a  time of change and with that change comes the hesitancy and the human ego that says I am not ready.  Now is the time and opportunity to drive positive thinking in,  to allow yourself to remove any negative levels of thinking that restrict your growth and to really power up on love, gratitude and positive energy. It is out with the old and in with the new.  It is now a time to reconnect with the self and to really tune into what it is you want from life, meditation, yoga really help at this time. We all have a purpose in this life and the next few months will start to show you what your purpose really is.   Be kind and gentle with yourself and know that the angels abound to bring in love and peace and are ready and willing to work with you as you achieve your goals.  Positive affirmations and thoughts help drive the magic back into your life and help assimilate your passion and purpose. You are beautiful, unique and a light in this world, keep shining.

 Love and light, Penny

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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Moving forwards into 2014

So here we are at the end of the first week of January 2014. What a fleeting thought Christmas is now, decorations packed away and fridge looking bare. It has been a whirlwind few weeks, lots of wonderful days spent with family and yesterday I spent the day with my brother who I haven't seen in 6 years. It really is exciting times ahead. I am positive that 2014 will be about good, positive change for so many, that darkness will fade into shades of grey until the light comes back in.
January is an emotional month for me. It mark the anniversary of my mom and gran's passings and both their birthdays, so I raise my glass and light a candle on 4 days. It brings in good, sad and happy memories and instills in me the knowledge that I have always had in my heart, that life does go on. I did some automatic writing a few days back and the message I received was that you have to climb up before you can move forward. I give each and every one of you this message to share and I will add to it. "You need to look up as you climb up, so that you can move forward." We forget that things are not always on the same level. When I close my eyes, I often see a spiral in front of me. Energy, some might say, other dimensions? I see it as both, the energy of the past, presence and future merging across time space and matter. It is our continuing staircase to heaven, moving up, moving forward, continuing on our quest in life and finding what really matters and what we can become, what we are and what we always have been.  So, in short, this year, think big (you owe it to yourself and you deserve it), aim high so that you climb to that dream, that thought, that wish and then embrace it when you reach it. For you will reach it. Things are changing this year and that spiral is growing closer to enable us to achieve all that we need to this year. For this year, then next moment, the next hour, the next breath, is our future. Make it count, rise above it and soar higher than you have ever dreamt is possible.

Love and light, Penny x

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Healing Thoughts and gratitude

Angels and spirit never fail to amaze me. I was giving healing's today at a Psychic Fayre and the messages and healing treatments they had me doing were so beautiful. I could never have been taught the way I work now as their channel. I have taken all my learning's from this life and the past and I am working with all the tools I have been given in my own way. I am filled with gratitude and love. I was given a message for one of the lovely ladies I gave a healing session to and the message was that her loved ones and angels were proud of who she was and all that she has done in her life. It was so beautiful, I felt myself holding back tears on a few occasions. If I have any message to offer to anyone learning to follow their spiritual path, it is to be open to what is asked of you and then to follow it. Put aside the human constraints and trust your first thought. Our angels and guides will never fail you because they believe in you fully and they want you to work in love, light and peace. I leave you with that. 

God bless, love light and peace, Penny x