Monday, 28 June 2010

All Knowing

Have you ever experienced the feeling that what you know is the absolute truth and that you have absolutely no doubt that you are right? I was always an introvert and was always worried about saying the wrong thing and looking like an idiot. Yet I always knew that what I feel about religion and spirituality is correct. Call me a know it all or pompous, I don't mind. It wont make me doubt what I know. Age and experience bring confidence but a sense of understanding of the divine comes from our angels, from within our very souls. They constantly feed us with soul food (food for thought as the saying goes) and teach us all there is to know about this magical world and Gods divine love and power. Only when we realise that our full potential lies within us, can we start to tap into all the knowledge they have been giving us and can we finally begin our journey into the light.