Sunday, 27 June 2010

And so it begins...

My name is Penny and this blog will follow my journey with my partner, Matt and my, online business It will describe our spiritual development and our passion for life and all that we sell. Please follow me on a journey of pure bliss, and inspiring happiness.

Today I saw the most vibrant colours during a meditation. I didn't want to return to reality. My mother was there in her usual colours of fuchia pink and yellow. She whispered a message into my ear,  for my dad, and a date I shall look at for clues, the 11 October. I am not sure whether it is a past or future date but I hope that my fragile memory remembers it. It was the first time I consciously could feel spirit whisper and I knew there was something I needed to hear. It was pure magic and the beginning of a journey I feel I am more than ready to take.