Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Building and developing

The past few weeks have been extremely busy for us. I completed my Reiki Master level two weeks ago. It was absolutely incredible and once again, extremely humbling. To understand that we can work with such an ancient and powerful system and to allow our guides to channel healing through us is another example of the magnificence and depth of creation. It demonstrates how we can work across universes yet man still cannot work across cultures in this world.
Our healing room is looking wonderful! It has been insulated and panelled. The lights go up this week and the carpet is laid, then a bit of touch up painting, blinds on the windows, and we will be good to go!
Matt has ordered my therapy bed so it should be here in time for the carpet being laid.
I have my final exam to write for Crystal healing in two weeks time so once completed, I can add that to my healing options. Crystals are amazing and the more I read, the more there is to learn about them. It is a never ending cycle of learning.
I am changing day jobs. My new job starts tomorrow. As a leaving gift for my old one, I gave everyone I worked with a crystal tumble stone. There was a  great deal of interest in the stones which I found fabulous. So many people have heard of crystals and are excited by them but don't know or understand the depth of their power. I hope that I have caused yet more interest and that some will use crystals more to guide them through their daily lives. 

Have a wonderful day of sunshine.

love and light,Penny