Monday, 5 July 2010

Fan Mail

We often lose ourselves in our constant quest to be the best mother, wife, friend, lover. Some relationships may stifle us and change our perception of ourselves. In short, we can become "lost" and we can forget who we are and start to dislike who we have become. In any development area, we need to go back to basics and rediscover ourselves. God created us and loves us unconditionally. Why then do we find it hard to love ourselves? I have gone full circle in my quest to rediscover who I am. I know that I am still finding me after being lost for a number of years. I like me. I am OK, I am good company when I am alone. I am happy and want the best for me and everyone else in my life. I have learnt some hard lessons in life but I have moved on and become me. When you feel that you are lost and you hate yourself, your achievements, your life, take a few moments and write yourself a fan letter. There are always elements in your personality and life that withstand criticism,  even self-criticism, so write these down and then when you have at least five good, positive comments, write down five areas that you would like to change. Start your journey today to become your biggest fan, Life can be fickle, people come and go, but until you are comfortable in your own skin, you cannot be comfortable in life. Whatever happens of wherever you go, there is always at least one person in this world who thinks the world of you, let that person be you.
love  Penny x