Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Healing Crystals

I am listening to "Adagio for Strings" as I write this blog. I have my bag of crystals with me and I am drawing inspiration from them. Crystals are a true gift from God. They hold past, present and future in their structures. Behold, a crystal, a force of nature that is hard to explain. God must have been smiling when He created them. Crystals amplify our prayers and wishes and send them directly to Angels, Archangels and to our Creator.Crystals help us to improve, to develop, to heal, to learn and to change ourselves for the better. They help us to face our fears and to overcome past life issues.
My partner and I live a life filled with crystals. Besides our business, we have always been interested in them. We pick up different ones when we feel we need them and pop them in our pockets for the day-it usually leads to interesting noises in the washing machine when we forget to take them out again. We wear crystals every day and when we know we need a boost of additional energy, or we need sleep or we need to reduce our stress or to smile, we choose different ones. We have crystals displayed in feng shui positions around the house and enjoy the rainbows produced by hanging crystals in virtually every window. I have crystals on my computer, at work, in my purse and in my handbag and car. 
Crystals can help, we just need to appreciate them and to use them with the good intentions that they were created with. Have a wonderful evening x