Saturday, 3 July 2010

Live life in Colour

Do you ever feel like you are merely travelling through life and not living it? Are you merely "going through the motion" of life? Does each day meld into the next, while you dream of the weekend where you can do the things you didn't have the time to do during the week?Are you wishing your life away? Is each day a blur, events featured in black and white images, news forever changing yet you feel like things are moving so fast, yet nothing is being achieved, you are experiencing your life  as if you are reading about it. You are not truly living. No, this is not a guru message that you can change your life. Of course you can change anything you want but this message is about looking at life differently. Move away from the newsprint phase and start to view your life and world in colour. Colours emit warmth, cooling, passion, relaxation, comfort, joy, calm, balance. Stop for a moment and look at something close to you. See the colour, feel the emotions it brings with it. I am looking out the front window at a tree. The soft breeze is making the beautiful green leaves dance. The green colour itself is bright, calming, yet inspiring. I want to take my shoes off and run in a field of grass. I feel myself being drawn towards nature and totally relaxed. Now I am looking at something red. I feel vibrant, confidant, inspired to do something, I feel more active and enthusiastic. It is making me re look at the weekend list of chores with renewed vigor. It only takes a moment to stop, smell the flowers, "feel" the warmth and energy that a bright colour gives to us. When life is making you rush too much, stop, look around you, appreciate all there is in this life, go into nature and let natures colours revitalise and start to heal your outlook on life. Change your clothes and wear something to take you out of the drab sphere of life - wear colour, even if it is just your underwear or socks, you will feel your mood change and lift. I wear a rainbow bracelet from our site, every day. It consists of seven different crystals in rainbow (chakra) colours. It works wonders for me because, besides the possitive effect the crystals give me, I have a rainbow with me everyday, wherever I am. Live the rainbow effect and you will live life! xx