Thursday, 15 July 2010

Memory loss or angelic influence?

I was thinking about how I battle to remember things. With crystals I can select one for someone, as the name pops into my head when I think of the person but I can't remember exactly what all the benefits are for that crystal and why I have selected it. My angels give me the name and I make the suggestion. I am studying an holistic health home study course at the moment and I need to re-read certain chapters over and over again before I can recall them. Why is that? Is it an age related issue or are we too busy trying to do and recall so many irrelevant pieces of information that our minds eventually reach capacity and then the new information is lost? My grandmother had Alzheimer's and that was something I was always terrified of. However as I develop I can understand Alzheimer and the dementia my grandfather suffered before he passed. They were both in their eighties and both started to mention family members they hadn't spoken of in years. They forgot names and faces in this life but spoke of people in spirit. Could this be because they were with those people towards the end and were moving between worlds? Their loved ones were preparing them for crossing over. They didn't need certain earthbound facts anymore. They were moving into the light. We are constantly being fed facts from the Divine realms so it is not surprising that our minds reject certain information . We are, and they were, not crazy, just misunderstood. Now I just need to remember what I need to do today,,, otherwise I won't want to get out of bed :)