Sunday, 4 July 2010

Parties and newsletters

Yesterday was a whirlwind of chores and today, there seems even more. It does keep us busy and gets us to wake up early so I can't complain.
We sent out our July newsletter yesterday and advertised our latest addition to, in the form of spiritual parties. We are offering Reiki/crystal, feng shui and angel retail/clairvoyant/tarot parties. I have hosted one already and it was fabulous! I gave Reiki while a friend gave clairvoyant messages and it worked really well. I left on an energy high, as by giving Reiki, you are also being treated.
We will be hosting parties in the Milton Keynes area but would discuss travelling further with a fuel payment. We need five people to attend your party and will charge according to the treatment you require- Clairvoyance/Tarot/Reiki/Crystal therapy. We bring Clarity of Sight stock with and we can choose specific crystals for each of your guests, selecting what they need to enhance or develop in their lives. The hostess gets a free treatment/reading.
If you or any of your friends are interested, please let us know.
Now it is back to stock taking, then ordering new stock for the mind, body, spirit show in Milton Keynes next weekend. We are also preparing our garden for the arrival of our healing room on Monday so it will be a full day of work. I am smiling as we are doing it together, the sun is shining, and the extra exercise will do me good. xx