Sunday, 11 July 2010

Show Time !!!

I haven't been writing a blog for the past few days as we have been very busy planning for the Mind, Body, Spirit event that we are attending in Milton Keynes this weekend. It is being hosted at the MK Dons stadium in Bletchley and ends today at 6pm. Yesterday was absolutely fabulous! There are quite a number of New Age retailers plus many wonderfully gifted mediums and healers. The people are the best part about these shows. Both the customers and other exhibitors are fabulous. It makes you feel part of an extended family. Although we are all selling similar stock, there is no ill wishing or blatant competition between us.
The atmosphere is amazing. There is such energy that if you merely wander around without booking a healing or reading, you feel energised. I believe that my gift is  developing into choosing crystals for people. When we were quiet I was looking around at people and selecting what crystal they would need. I chose crystals for a few customers and they were  amazed by how accurate the choices were. It was wonderful being able to help people yesterday and we hope to continue to help more today.