Monday, 23 August 2010


We attended a wonderful Spiritual  event in Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes this Saturday. Once again, the energy was fabulous, people incredible and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. A very big thank you to Francis for organising such an amazing event.
I have now completed my Crystal healing course and will be advertising in our next newsletter for therapy sessions.
I haven't been taking the time to meditate.  I am always rushing around and never taking a few minutes for calm contemplation so I  decided to use a guided meditation yesterday in our healing room. The meditation was lovely but I was away on my own mission  after only a few minutes so didn't hear most of it. I stayed in a meditative state for over an hour and when I came back to earth, I was filled with both joy and calm. This was the longest I have done but I need to regularly take a few minutes as the euphoric feeling I have afterwards, from connecting with spirit, is the most satisfying feeling possible. It brings with it new focus and new opportunities.