Sunday, 26 September 2010

Crystal Healing

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I went for a crystal healing yesterday. I am qualified and offer crystal healing to others but needed to see someone else for my IBS.  Each healer will work with their own guides so at times it is important to seek external help rather than just continuing your own healing. The experience was wonderful. A past-life issue was responsible for what was happening with my stomach. I came home and I was able to eat regular bread and my favourite home-made curry last night without pain. I have always been fascinated by our bodies and how we have been created, how everything works in sinc. Now with a spiritual focus, there is so much more than I could have believed possible. There is so much more to us and to our cells in our bodies. Generally speaking, if our auras are damaged, this affects us physically, so the aura needs to be healed first so that the body heals. We keep reincarnating in different lives and we carry so many issues, worries and experiences from those separate lives in our cells that sometimes the problems need to be cleared before we can heal and move on in this life. I am looking forward to an extended diet once again and will take more care with myself, do more meditation and Reiki, so that I can keep the energy flowing.
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