Sunday, 12 September 2010

Meditation is key

I have seen a number of my friends rushing around non-stop, wanting to ensure that every minute of their day is busy, without a thought for their own health, and slowly losing themselves in the process. They fill their time with things, projects and people to fulfill a need in their lives yet through doing this in excess they are becoming part of the project, and the other people and forgetting who they are and their importance to themselves. It is when this stage is reached that you need to yell STOP! You need to understand that you cannot physically continue at such a hectic pace and that spirit will find a way to slow you down so that you can bring back balance. You need to keep balance in your life and you need to learn to say no. People  will understand if you do say no and will respect your honesty. The best way I have found to slow myself down is to meditate. Everyone can learn to meditate, even the busiest mind can learn. It teaches patience, calmness, recharges energy and gives you back focus. It re-balances and grounds you so that you can reasonably understand the implications of your decisions and you can take back control of your life. It isn't easy and like everything that is worthwhile, it takes practice. It took me a long time to learn to shut out thoughts that were unnecessary during my meditation and to let my body completely relax and move into a beautiful state of peace. Meditation can be done in the bath, in the garden, in your bedroom, just not in the car while driving please. If you can't focus on relaxing, buy a guided meditation cd and once you get the knack, you will be able to meditate with soothing music, then wherever you are when you need a few minutes to recharge. Staring into a candle flame will also help you to focus so besides buying the guided cd, it is an inexpensive way to gain back yourself, your energy, to recharge and refocus.