Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Universal humility

I realised today some new found insights into the universe that we live in. Our solar system is not the only system out there. Our solar system, although seemingly huge to us, is really tiny and insignificant in the greatness that exists beyond. The infinity and beyond is far greater than we can imagine. The more I learn about the spiritual side, the more there is to learn and the more doors open with this deeper understanding. What is of paramount importance in the spiritual journey is the need to learn humility. Mankind thinks he is far greater and more powerful than he is. In reality, mankind is the minute silk threads woven into the canvas that is this universe.
Learning takes place through humility. Once we realise that we cannot exist on our own, then we can realise that we are not all-important and that we are not all-powerful or all-knowing. We will never know it all. We cannot even begin to imagine knowing or understanding the extent of creation. Through a move to a more spiritual life, we develop the essential humility and understand that we are merely vessels for spirit, for extra-terrestrial communication and for angelic wisdom. We are here to learn and we will be taught and shown the way when our minds and hearts are pure and clear.  God Bless xx