Sunday, 3 October 2010

Contact the living

No sleep for me last night. The neighbours alarm went off around 2am and then I fell asleep and woke again around 4 with lots of thoughts in my head. Eventually I had to wake up to write them all down. They were messages from the son of a woman I met yesterday at the show we are attending. I had briefly chatted to her before leaving and  all these messages then came flooding through- songs, quotes, names, references, even a tabby cat. I do hope they make sense to her and are not too jumbled. I hope they bring comfort as the underlying theme was of love, hope and peace.  Robbie Williams song, Contact the living was in my thoughts and now that I have read the lyrics, I can see how powerful they really are.
It is now 6:12 am so it is back to bed for me for an hour or so before we leave to go back to the show.
My wish for each of you- that you always have what you need and a big part of that is faith, hope and love. xx