Tuesday, 5 October 2010

That crazy thing called Love

Why is it that if someone else tells us that they love us and puts a shiny ring on our finger, we feel more loved. We feel special. We feel their love for us. We love them back.  If then, over time, the relationship ends, the person feels that love has ended. They feel lost, insignificant and small as they no longer have the comfort and security that being with that person gave them. They are missing out on a very important factor. They are missing out on the person who should be the one they trust the most, themselves. We love a great deal of things in our lives. We love our God, our children. We love our partners and families. We love our pets. We love our home, the sunshine. We love rainbows! We love that gorgeous Italian pasta dish we ate last night. We love music, laughter, sports, people we have never met, people we have met. We love smells, ground beneath our feet, holidays, concepts and I could go on forever. But the one thing we battle the most to love, is the person who is with us through thick and thin. We are born with them and die with them and in between those stages, we love lots and lots of people and things.
When do we find time to love ourselves? It is so difficult for so many people! We do not believe we are worthy of self love. Some call is ego. I call it truly understanding the self worth and trusting yourself. I was talking to Matt last night and he asked me whether I love myself and I said, yes I do. For years, I didn't. Being a teenager was horrible as I never felt worthy but now I have learnt that I am not so bad and there is far less that I would change than I would have listed all those years ago. I like me and I like developing and growing. When I see something that is not great, I work on it until I am satisfied with myself. I believe that the first step in a relationship is trust. If we can't trust ourselves or our instincts, we need to question why. I need to love myself so that I can give endless love, compassion and understanding to others. Think about it today and if there is something about you that you don't like, change it so that you can learn to feel your own love, your own heart beating again. xx