Saturday, 26 February 2011

Clarity of Sight Crystal Shop in Wolverton

Hi all,
We are leaving in a few minutes, en route to our shop. As a child, I always wanted to play shops and now I am a partner in one and I am able to be a shopkeeper every Saturday. I enjoy my day job, but look forward to my Saturdays, whole heartedly.  I have two readings to give today which will be fabulous. I started getting, what I believe is flu, on Wednesday night. I have been doing Reiki on myself and feel so much better today. It is amazing how Reiki healing can fix the root of the problem, and can energise, relax and provide a positive attitude all at the same time.
I have received some enquiries for Reiki training and I will be writing my manuals over the next few weeks so I can start teaching and sharing the amazing life that is a Reiki fed life.
Wishing you a wonderful, successful and happy Saturday.

Love and light,

Unit 2, Wolverton Agora, Church Street, Wolverton, MK12 5LG