Thursday, 31 March 2011

New found energy

I attended a pamper evening tonight and gave five taster card reading sessions. I have a new lease on life! It was fabulous! The people were absolutely amazing and every reading I gave reminded me that this is what I love doing. The venue was great, when I found it, after getting lost twice-lol! I met a lovely fellow South African, Sandra,and people who I can honestly say, touched my heart.The readings I gave, made me question things in my life and I could hear myself saying I told you so to me while I was reading for someone else. Giving Angel readings is surreal. You read the chosen cards, which are always exactly the correct ones for the person you are reading for and you then interpret the extra meanings in the card for that person and give any messages that are fed through from spirit. You have to trust that the messages you are giving are correct for the person and then let your thoughts flow. The messages are simple and sometimes common but the interpretation is specific. Seeing someone in front of you say that they understand the message is the highest praise you can get.  I left, floating on air, yet securely grounded. Only spirit can understand the juxtaposition of the situation.

Love and light

Unit 2 The Wolverton Agora, Wolverton, Milton Keynes, MK12 5LG.