Saturday, 7 May 2011

Karmic love

We all move from one life to the next with karmic ties. Karma follows our deeds, whether good or bad. If someone wrongs someone else, I often hear the comment, "that's karma."
How do we change it? Breaking ties between previous lives and people is one way. To prevent it evolving from new upsetting situations, we can try something I have read in one of Louise Hay's books.
If someone is working against you, you need to protect yourself from the negative effect of their actions. One method is to put up mirrors around you to bounce off the ill effects of their actions and wishes. This then bounces their ill wishes back onto them, affecting their karma. The better option is to rather send out pure golden love energy. This will increase love in their hearts and will gradually work to change their attitude, thus not causing the ill effects of their own negative actions and thoughts bouncing back from a mirror. To send them love, you need to visualise your heart, as a shape, if that is easier, then see it filling up with golden light. See that the golden light is pure love. Feel the love and energy within that heart and then within you, then send some of that love to the person who is upsetting you. It may take time but by sending them love, they will slowly change their thoughts and you will not have affected either their or your karma. 

Love and light,
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