Saturday, 8 October 2011


Working with spirit is constantly humbling. It doesn't matter at what development level you are, or how much experience you have gained in this lifetime. Anyone can give a message to someone else and can tune into aspects of that persons life, feel their energy and give them some ideas on their forward progression. I have given messages to some incredible mediums and psychics, people I deeply respect for their work and their link to the universe. I am humbled that they come to me and ask for guidance and assistance. I will always gladly assist anyone, at any stage in their life, as it is spirit working through me and putting the correct words in my head, ears and throat.  I admire the way that these incredible mediums work but I am now no longer worried that I don't work exactly the same way that they do. I am enjoying the way I work and that fact that I am different and I work differently.
It is a wonderful world out there, with so many opportunities and options available to each one of us. Open your heart and mind and trust in yourself and in the fact that the very best is always wished for you, even if you can't see it right now.
Sending you all love and rainbows.
Love and light