Monday, 17 October 2011

Its Magic!!!!

I remember one evening when I was on Psychic First, Chris Robinson and I played a game in mentioning the word magic as often as we could. We wanted to bring a touch of magic to all our viewers living rooms.
I believe in magic! I like to watch Penn and Teller and find that I am sitting riveted and desperately trying to work out exactly how they create their very own special type of magic.
I have had the pleasure of working on Psychic First  several times with a very talented Psychic and Magician, Rob Lupine. He creates that magic that so many people crave in their lives. I have watched him bend a spoon as it was held in a child's hand at an event, over the weekend.  The child was delighted and could see that  he is passionate about what he does and that shows in the magic he creates in peoples faces.

Rob Lupine specialises in Tarot, Palmistry, Bone readings and dream analysis. He creates a relaxing atmosphere and the reading itself feels more like a pleasant chat than a supernatural experience.
Rob's approach is that of honesty and integrity and he openly guides his client through the entire process and accurately pinpoints the issues going on in their life using time honoured techniques.
The emphasis is focused on entertainment here and Rob ensures that his clients will leave with a happy feelings.

Rob provides a key fun addition to all of his events and takes a great pleasure in ensuring that it is tailored to suit the individuals, this will ensure that it will be a night to remember and people will talk about for a long time!

Love and light
Penny x