Sunday, 5 February 2012


Matt and I have been for a lovely Wintry walk around our local lake this morning. Even the ducks and seagulls looked a little confused that they were sitting on ice instead of water. The snow looks absolutely magical. I have built a snow lady and managed to dig my car out for work tomorrow.  Now it is time for a relax. Yesterday I was speaking about people being like snowflakes. Our names have a different, special resonance to them when we call on our Angels and when our Angels reply to us. That means each one of us is like a snowflake, completely unique in personality, emotions, feelings and experiences. We all respond differently, learn differently, teach differently and think differently. So for today, think of your uniqueness, rather than dwelling on anything you see as a fault. The faults you see are such a small part of the entire magic of you, your snowflake essence.

Love and light
Penny x