Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Blessings

Happy Easter everyone. I hope you have had a wonderful Easter so far- still another day ahead to enjoy, relax and recharge ahead of the new week.
I shared my morning with the fabulous viewers on Psychic World TV, Sky Channel 885, and have just completed and uploaded two You tube videos on psychic protection and on crystals to use for abundance and good fortune.
Next it is off for a walk and then back for a lovely relaxing evening and a possible lie in tomorrow. The bliss of a long weekend!
I attended a Catholic School so I can appreciate the true meaning of this weekend in its full glory. May the Easter time be a time for family, for appreciation of all you have and how far you have come. May it remind you that each life is a miracle in itself and each soul is on a journey of constant transformation. We can tap into that wonderful inner strength that we each possess, part of our soul essence. We can tap into the universal power that we each have access to as long as we do it with the correct intention and the underlying principle of love.

Love and light to you all

Penny xx
                                                                   Crystal Eggs for Easter