Sunday, 17 June 2012

Angel connections and earth healing

I have just finished a wonderful meditation. I decided it was time to get away from things for a short while, to chill out and refocus. It was the most beautiful time with the angels. I invited archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael and I felt a tremendous blockage being removed, felt the emotions and let them flow. As a healer, I am always amazed by the synchronicity in my healing work. When I work with a client and recommend something to them, or give them a message, it is usually a message I can personally take. I gave a message yesterday to a client to open her eyes to the ever changing world around her and to take more notice of nature. After the meditation, I spent some time staring at the clouds and trees around me. I noticed many angels in the clouds, Archangel Raphael's green light all around me and the aura of the tree was so strong, it was magnificent. My vision kept changing everything I saw and once again, humbled me to be a part of this magical planet, reminding me of cause and effect and how much we can help the planet. This is probably why I am drawing fairies all of a sudden; communion with the angels and nature spirits, listening to the earth's needs and refocusing my thinking. Time to learn, a time to teach, a time to share, a time to heal and to be healed. The earth has a reprieve- so there is time, and plenty of it, of that I am certain.

Love and light,

Penny                               Fairies