Monday, 11 June 2012

The journey of life begins within...

Let us enjoy the journey of life together for it is not a life that is for living alone. It is a journey of learnings, of triumphs, of decisions, of joy. Along the way, we may encounter obstacles, pain, indecision, conflict. Life is for living and for learning and it is through the pain and challenge that we can succeed and we can gain a momentum and strength that will astound us to our very core. Within each and every one of us is the seed of Glory, unless we nurture it and feed it with positive energy and light, we cannot expect the glory to shine through. No matter what you have done in a past life or this life, the soul journey is about what you are right at this moment and by finding that out, it brings you one step further on your soul journey, one step closer to the plan that is laid before each and every one of us before we take our first breath of this earth's air. We have the most incredible potential, we only need to trust ourselves, before we can trust the magnitude that exists outside us and before we can trully shine as Children of the Universe, lightworkers of magnificence. 

Much love, Penny x

ametrine crystal ball