Saturday, 14 July 2012

Angels on the Platform

I am constantly humbled by Spirit and the Angels but no more so than I was last night at Spirit Links, our monthly clairvoyant evening. This was my first time, working at the platform. The room was filled with angels. It was magnificent!! Their love and healing energy surrounded the 64 people present as they patiently waited for their readings. I was nervous, but then I always am, but as I sat there, I felt the angel energy and the love being directed at me and it did calm me down. I put my angel learnings into practise. I centred myself, asked for help and asked for my ego to be taken away for the time that I was working so that I could sense everything I needed to in order to give an honest reading. I gave in to trust, both of my wonderful Angels, and of myself. It was a challenge as everyone I read for kept a blank expression, said thank you, but as there was no other vocal exchange, I couldn't tell if they accepted the reading or not. I did listen and was told to carry on and so I learnt to accept that what I was giving to them was correct and thus a greater trust level was formed. After the event, they all came up to me and thanked me and told me how accurate the readings were. I have received messages on facebook and the work the angels did last night was incredible! For everyone present, whether they received a message or not, that healing energy will continue for quite some time as it works to inspire and energise.  I was so grateful to the angels and I have been on a heady buzz ever since.  If this is what working closely with the angels feels like, I will be doing it a great deal more. Thank you Matt for being there and constantly encouraging me, thank you my Angels for being a part of my life, thank you Helen Scott and to all my wonderful friends for your support and positive energy. You are all my earth bound angels and I love you all dearly. xx Thank you for all the wonderful people present at the event. I hope to see you all again next month. :)

Love, Light and Angel Blessings

Penny x