Sunday, 30 September 2012

Angel Card Messages

We were fortunate to attend a beautiful fund raising event this weekend. I gave angel card readings and what was so incredible were the common threads or messages that linked so many of the readings for beautiful people I read for.  I wanted to list these threads down in the hope that it can help someone else who is reading this blog.

1. You are very special and unique and deserve every happiness. Stop trying to be everyone else. You are you, you are the only you. You have your own life purpose and life path. The sooner you recognise how incredible you are, the quicker you walk along that true path of your destiny.
2. Take care of yourself. Make the time to do this. We wear so many "hats". We are mothers, partners, wives, friends, siblings, employees, daughters, we are always ready to jump to the aid of anyone and do tend to put ourselves last. If we push our importance up the ladder, we can help ourselves which inevitably helps those around us more. Remember the story from the bible- remove the stone from your eye first, before helping others. We can then see them better and help them more.
3. We know that life isn't easy. If it was, how would we learn? Life is a learning curve, most definitely. We take out, what we put in. It is a constant cycle of learning, teaching, sharing and experiencing.  We learn empathy and courage from being in certain situations. With this knowledge and understanding, we can help others more.
4. Find your passion. Do something that you are passionate about. Find a new interest or hobby or revert to one you used to enjoy. Do something that makes your heart sing.
5. Keep the balance. As human beings, we do tend to get carried away and focus all our energies into work and or family. You need to maintain a balance between work, family and what you love doing. It helps build your creativity which helps you view things differently and helps you carefully formulate priorities, finding your true direction. Go for a walk in nature, whenever you can as it recharges and grounds you.

Now, look into the mirror and focus on you. Focus on the good things, the things you are grateful for, not the things you feel you lack or that you feel limited in. You are beautiful, magical and truly loved by all the Angels in heaven, your loved ones and me. 

Love, light and Angel Blessings

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