Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Live for the Present

I wrote this as my status on facebook today and wanted to share it here with some expanding thoughts, "Today is a brand new day. Look towards it in a positive way, as a new dawn with new opportunities and a new zest for life. Don't look back, it only tells you what is past, not what is now. What we do today lays plans for tomorrow, not for yesterday."
There are many reasons for not living your life looking back to the past, as human beings we are not well equipped to work this way. We take what we want and need from the past, whether it is learning's, memories or dreams that we had as children. We hold onto them like comfort blankets and  like comfort blankets, they become old, worn and ingrained in our lives. The "what ifs" or regrets are not positive and helpful in this present life. They just keep allowing us to limit ourselves. "Why did I do that?", "I never had a chance to say goodbye..." "what if I hadn't acted that way or what if I had been in  a relationship with them?" 
It is past, history, over. Let it be done with. Let that energy change and move to where it should be, in the past. I used to worry about fire and about my photograph albums being burnt in a fire. I always thought I would run indoors and grab them first. They were in a place of easy access for that very reason. Now, they are packed away in a shed at someone else's house. I don't need to keep looking back. I now choose to keep the happy memories and release myself from any bad decisions, regrets, past thoughts, words and actions. Life is too short to live in the past, there is still so much more to live, enjoy and experience. Count today as the past and this very moment as the present. Tomorrow is yet unwritten, make the most of it and live each day to your fullest potential.

Yours in love and light,
Penny x