Sunday, 31 March 2013

Community Spirit Radio Show

I was approached a few months ago to join a lovely medium, Claire Evans, as her co-host on a radio show. We started the show on the 17th March and we are loving it. It is all about spiritual topics. We are covering topics of energy, psychic protection, angels, crystals, mediumship, grief, witchcraft, the spiritualist church, animal guides and healing, paranormal, psychic dating, psychic children, and so much more.
We have a number of fantastic guests including Tina Marie Bertoli from the USA, Helen Scott, Jerry Humphreys, Carol Harris, Jennie Grayson and so many more. 
So, if you are free on a Sunday evening between 6 and 8pm UK time, please join us by tuning into and listen to Community Spirit radio. The show will run until mid April.
You can also send us a message or ask for any spiritual topics you would like to hear by emailing or join up to the clarity of sight page or community spirit radio page on facebook.

Tonight, we will be interviewing the fabulous Tina Marie Bertoli. Do join us for a date with spirit and the angels.

                                                     Community Spirit

Love and light