Saturday, 21 September 2013

Healing Thoughts and gratitude

Angels and spirit never fail to amaze me. I was giving healing's today at a Psychic Fayre and the messages and healing treatments they had me doing were so beautiful. I could never have been taught the way I work now as their channel. I have taken all my learning's from this life and the past and I am working with all the tools I have been given in my own way. I am filled with gratitude and love. I was given a message for one of the lovely ladies I gave a healing session to and the message was that her loved ones and angels were proud of who she was and all that she has done in her life. It was so beautiful, I felt myself holding back tears on a few occasions. If I have any message to offer to anyone learning to follow their spiritual path, it is to be open to what is asked of you and then to follow it. Put aside the human constraints and trust your first thought. Our angels and guides will never fail you because they believe in you fully and they want you to work in love, light and peace. I leave you with that. 

God bless, love light and peace, Penny x