Saturday, 14 September 2013

Take time to understand and to raise your spirit and vibration

The angels have many messages for us right now and they are sending higher frequencies through to us on an almost daily basis. They are preparing us for our work in the light. They are helping us to transcend the earth plane to see all that needs to be done for the work that lies ahead. The energy is changing and we feel this shift which is more on an evolution basis than any have been before. Energy is being stored around us and beneath us and this is resonating more with our spirit, our souls than ever before. You can feel it as it extends into the very fibre of our beings, that eternal golden connection to the heavens and to our home. There is a greater buzz around, a greater recharge happening that seems to be making many spin a little out of control, feeling out of touch, out of sinc, and out of sorts. This is a time of emotions, a time of renewing energy and a time of soul searching. It is a beautiful time that comes before peace reigns true again, before the dust settles and before once more, we feel the gratitude that exists with every one of us, the gratitude that is cellular and that reminds us of all we have accomplished, not what we have still to do. It reminds us that we are in the place we are in for a reason, a reason so true and so vital for all our existence. A reason that is ever growing and ever extending in our thread that we weave in this world. Sense the connection, feel the magic that each of you weaves each day on this planet. You are love, you are light, you are peace and you are hope for the present and for the future. Go forth in love.

Love and light