Monday, 13 January 2014

Energy Shifts Affecting Many

Tonight I was given this message in response to someones question on facebook. I feel this needs to be shared...
There is a big shift going on around us that was building from November. There is still work to be done within many of us and the restless, overwhelming feelings are a culmination of a backlog of energy that has build over the last few months, even years. It is like a mini volcano- full of energy, yet difficult to harness as the timing is just not right yet, there is another new moon at the end of January that will help release some of the pressure within. In the meantime, understand that you are not alone. Stand strong and take this time to shift your focus and any past worries to where they need to be. Many still need to move past old learning's, old habits, but as we release them, so they fade into the background and we can walk forwards once more. Be kind to yourself, do not judge yourself and take the time to care for you. It is so important that this year we move to put ourselves back into the right place which is the forefront of our world so we can truly see who we are, how far we have come and where we are heading. Two shifts still ahead this year but each one brings us more into alignment, takes us out of fear, brings in renewed energy, synergy and a greater feeling of belonging than ever before. 

Fear not, Trust, and have Faith that good things await. 

Love and light,

Penny x