Sunday, 2 February 2014

The start of the new Ascension, firstly starts within you.

We are all a work in progress.  I don't believe that anyone is in exactly the right place where they don't need any help, guidance or learning, as life is about constantly learning, growing and ascending. It is also about changing the behaviours we have collected from our past; be that from relationships, childhood, situations or even past lives.
I am going through a huge healing and learning phase this year.  My diet has drastically changed and where I would have wanted to cheat and have the things I know I shouldn't, in the past, I am seeing this food change as a lifestyle change and I am fully embracing it. I know that the timing is right and I knew this day would come. I also know that my diet will change further in time, when needed. It has really raised my spiritual energy, helped with my gut instinct and has shown me what I have really been doing in my work and what I still need to do.  I understand what my current spiritual role is and I fully embrace it.  I am learning so much about myself and how to heal from my childhood, how to move into my light.  The start of the ascension process begins within each and every one of us. No matter what stage we are at in our development, we will all form a part of it and it needs to start within each and every one of us.

The ascension process is here right now. We are all being moved up onto the next plain as we shift our focus away from material needs and more into living needs, bringing in true balance and harmony to our mind, body and spirit. We are being given the tools to make that journey and that connection to our souls, as we have so much work still to do. That work requires our listening skills. We need to listen to our bodies, to our spirit, to our guides, and our teachers. We need to tune into our souls so we can place ourselves on the right vibration for the shift. You don't need much for this journey, all you really need is faith, trust and a willingness to release your ego, a desire to let go and a dream to fulfil your life purpose with as much passion and vigour as you can muster.  This takes work but it is all possible.  It is all within our grasp to achieve and achieve it, we will. We have a power in belief and with that power, we can all move the mountains that stand in our way and forge the bonds that we need to carry us through.

Penny Alterskye

Love and light