Sunday, 16 November 2014

Balance of the Self

One of the most important parts of working spiritually in this world, is learning to work in balance. We are human and we need to exist in a human world with all the human lessons, traits and learning's that we can grasp. Take each learning as a precious gift, as it is from this gift, this opportunity, this challenge, that we will grow, as we have learnt something new. We may not have wanted to learn it, we may have fought tooth and nail to avoid,  but eventually, we will be guided to do what is right for us. Yes, we need to co-exist with others in this world- friends, loved ones, partners, husband, wives but we need to make sure that when we do have these relationships with people, that the relationships bring us joy. We need to have more joyous moments, than sad ones and we need the people in our lives to always work towards our highest good and to boost us. If we don't have this happiness in their company, if things become guarded, beyond words and difficult to bear, it it time for change.
The only way we can then move forwards is to move closer to ourselves, to our core values, wants and needs. When we can understand who we are and what we want we can then make decisions for our lives. No one can make decisions for you. People can show you choices, advise you, but they cannot choose- you have this free will and will always have the power of choice. Choose wisely. Listen to your gut instinct. It will not fail you. Learn to trust in you and the universe will open up so much more to help you in this life, on this life's mission.

On the spiritual side, you then need to understand your connection to the universe and how you fit in. Some may never know what their life purpose is, others know from childhood. Everyone is different and everyone has a different, unique lesson to learn and route to follow. You will grow apart from people on this journey, as some are only in our lives to help us, then it is time, once we have learnt that part of our journey, understood what they have been here for, to move forwards, without them.

The balance I mentioned is so very important as it will help to keep your spiritual side and your human side in the right energy and harmony. If you move too much on the human, material side, you lose your spiritual connection and often, if you move too much on the spiritual side, your human body battles to keep up with your spiritual side (which is always ahead) and this is where you will be slowed down physically, compelling you to recharge and to allow your energy to shift.

These past several weeks, I have had to step back from the spiritual side as there has been too much happening on the human side and I needed the time for me to heal. During these weeks, I have learnt a great deal more about myself and who I am. My body has caught up from a number of illnesses and I have moved into a new state of being. It has been a time for me to understand so much more about the people in my life and around me and to truly trust my gut more on who I would like to continue my journey with. I had to stop to recharge and now I am feeling better and stronger for it. I am trusting my feelings more and really appreciating the gift that trust is.

Take care of yourself, find out who you are and what you want from this life. Find the people that can help you and move away from those who hinder your development, your happiness and feelings of self. Life is a journey and it needs to be a journey that fully involves you. When you decide that you are in the very best place you need to be, that is true happiness. That best place needs to start from within. Take the time to bring in balance, happiness will follow.
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Love and light